Conferences and Technical reports:

  • “Integrating Deep Reinforcement and Supervised Learning to Expedite
    Indoor Mapping”
    ; Elchanan Zwecher, Eran Iceland, Sean R. Levy, Shmuel Y. Hayoun, Oren Gal, Ariel Barel (Accepted to ICRA-2022 – IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation) arXiv:2109.08490 [cs.LG]
  • “Integrating Deep-Learning-Based Image Completion and Motion Planning to Expedite Indoor Mapping”; Shmuel Y. Hayoun, Elchanan Zwecher, Eran Iceland, Ahavatya Revivo, Sean R. Levy, Ariel Barel (pending publication, 2020) arXiv:2011.02043[cs.LG]
  • “COME TOGETHER: Multi-Agent Geometric Consensus (Gathering, Rendezvous, Clustering, Aggregation)”; Ariel Barel, Rotem Manor, Alfred M. Bruckstein (Tech report, Technion CIS, 2016) arXiv:1902.01455[cs.MA]
  • “Probabilistic Gathering Of Agents With Simple Sensors”; Ariel Barel, Rotem Manor, Alfred M. Bruckstein (Swarm Intelligence. ANTS 2018. Trieste) arXiv:1902.00294[cs.MA]
  • “Local Interactions for Cohesive Flexible Swarms” (co-writer); Rotem Manor, Ariel Barel, Alfred M. Bruckstein (IRC 2020 XIV. Tokyo, 2019) arXiv:1903.09259[cs.MA]

Journals and proceedings:

  • “Probabilistic gathering of agents with simple sensors”; Ariel Barel, Thomas Dagès, Rotem Manor, Alfred M. Bruckstein, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 2021, 81.2: 620-640.
  • “On Steering Swarms”; Ariel Barel, Rotem Manor, Alfred M. Bruckstein. Swarm Intelligence. ANTS 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11172. Springer, Cham